The Ringbahn, 10th October

Was hoping there might be something interesting to entertain me after work but there wasn’t. So instead I decided to do a lap of the Berlin version of the circle line to pass the time. Not as fun as you might think. Aoulie. P.s. forgot to take a picture of the s Bahn so instead […]

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Tempelhof, 8th October

Woke up this morning to find the weather to be outrageously sunny, which meant I had to re-evaluate all of my carefully laid plans to make the most of this unexpected development. Thank god I made the right decision last week when faced with the classic factor 30 vs factor 50 suncream packing dilemma. When […]

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Kreuzkölln, 2nd October

To celebrate the Day of German Unity being tomorrow, my friend Lucy and I decided to visit a selection of cocktail bars. First we had a heated debate about the royal family with this French guy Stephane, who was from Paris circa 1793. Then we went to a techno club to experience the local culture. […]

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Neukölln, 28th September

Moved into my new Airbnb where I’m staying with 2 gay pilots. Someone should probably write a sitcom about us. Everything’s fantastic, but I haven’t worked out how to turn on the light in the hallway, which means I have to walk (run) up the stairs in the dark. It’s a real test of character, […]

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