IKEA, 29th November

Went to IKEA with AdAm to pimp out da new crib (should we ever actually move in – looking unlikely at current time thanks to HR/estate agent incompetence). There were a few artistic differences to say the least, e.g. i wanted to get dark grey towels but AdAm said they were “new money”, which is […]

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Chinatown, 27th November

Met AdAm in Chinatown for a quick din at Dumplings Legend. The staff were so rude but I actually quite liked it – very authentic. Then we went to see Book of Mormon and the guy on the door checked our bags. He said ‘no cooked meats inside the theatre’. I had a steamed pork […]

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Victoria Park, 25th November

AdAm refused to put on deodorant this morning because it’s a Saturday, so I had to launch a surprise attack with my perfume, using the skills I acquired when I had to put flea spray on Sydney. Really not what you need with a hangover. BUT all that unpleasantness is in the past now, it’s […]

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