Wiveton & Wells, 15th August

Took our chances in the Wiveton Hall Maize Maze this morning. If your idea of a relaxing holiday is to feel like you’re being stalked by the vietcong, this is the place for you.   They had this game where you had to find letters hidden in the maze and unscramble them to reveal a […]

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The Angel, 17th August

Popped into tiger for a quick browse and came out with a lunchbox in the shape of a fish, a blue and pink cereal bowl, ten party hats, some pineapple fairy lights and a salad dressing shaker. Now we’re in a bubble tea shop for mocha’s birthday and mum’s just asked for an actual cup […]

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Morston, 14th August

Went for a sail with Pete this morning. Nanay was absolutely terrified but we all agreed it would be good for her to conquer her fears. So we pushed her out to sea before she could get out of the boat. You’d have thought she’d have been grateful for it but she wasn’t.   In […]

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Sheringham, 13th August

Checking out some of the local culture at the larry gray & sons east coast fun fair, beeston regis division. Everything is 99p which is just such a barg.   I’d say around 100% of the rides have been knocked up in someone’s garage, but that just adds to the fun. You never know when […]

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